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Location: South midway
Manufactured By: Mondial
Built In: 2001
Ride Type: Splashover
Capacity: 40
Number of Gondolas: 2
Hourly Capacity: 1000
Height: 54 feet
Ground Dimensions: 62 feet x 30 feet
Acceleration: 3.5 G's
Safety Bar: Triple lock restraint system
Height Requirements: Riders under 50" in height may not ride. Riders between 50" and 54" must sit in the designated seats.
Aggressive Thrill

If you want to enjoy a ride that is just as entertaining to watch as it is to be on, than this ride is one that you will have to try while you are at Lagoon. I'm not sure what gets more guests, the ride itself or the midway packed full of people watching all the poor victims on Cliffhanger get drenched.

But I will have to side with the people who watch the ride. It is hilarious to watch the water geysers time themselves with the passing gondola. It guarantees that water falls onto the riders as they pass over where the geysers are located. So if you aren't one that likes to get wet, than stay away from this one.

Cliffhanger had some difficulties to begin with. There were many mechanical aspects of running a ride like this in the environment that Lagoon is located in that wasn't taken into consideration. The result - many days of the ride closed due to various reasons. In fact when the ride was relatively new it was almost always guaranteed to be closed when you showed up to the park. The good news is that Lagoon kept plugging along in working on the ride's issues and eventually got all the bugs and mechanical issues resolved. The ride now runs much more reliably than it did in it's early years.

What make this ride fun is the locking of the seats. The ride locks them and then starts spinning. And you are usually facing the other row of seats when you are locked so you watch them go upside down and they watch you in return. I really like it when it is in swing and it releases the seats going into a free spin mode.

When you are down on the south end of the park, make sure to stop by and try this ride out. And if you are too afraid of the ride, you can always watch.


Cliffhanger On-ride Front Gondola (HD POV) by deathbyillusion