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Location: South midway
Opened: June 6th, 2001
Manufactured By: Mondial Rides
Model: Splash Over
Cost: 2.5 Million Dollars
Capacity: 40
Number of Gondolas: 2
Hourly Capacity: 1000
Height: 54 feet
Ground Dimensions: 62 feet x 30 feet
Acceleration: 3.5 G's
Safety Bar: Triple lock restraint system
Height Requirements: Riders under 50" in height may not ride. Riders between 50" and 54" must sit in the designated seats.
Aggressive Thrill

Cliffhanger is a thrill ride located on Lagoon's South Midway next to Wild Mouse.

Ride Details

Cliffhanger is a ride model known as a Mondial Splash Over. It has two free-spinning rows (gondolas) of 20 seats attached to larger arms that rotate. Each row of seats has a built-in braking system that allows the ride to lock the gondolas to any fixed position during rotation. While the ride is in motion, a series of fountains shoot water into the air drenching riders as the ride gondolas pass over the fountains.


Ride Downtime Throughout the Years

Cliffhanger has had extended downtime from time to time since its installation in 2001. Cliffhanger was down during the last couple of months during 2004 and remained closed until September during 2005. It operated intermittently throughout the remainder of the year. The ride operated better from 2006 through 2011 with some extended periods of downtime where the ride would close for a few days up to a couple of weeks. The ride closed again for most of the 2012 season with random operational periods. In 2013, Cliffhanger started operating regularly with normal downtime for an amusement park ride and has continued that trend since.


Cliffhanger On-ride Front Gondola (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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