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Location: North Midway
Installed: 1987
Manufactured By: HUSS Maschinenfabrik
Model: Enterprise
Ground Dimensions: 69 x 74 feet
Diameter of Wheel: 56 feet
Max Car Height: 65 feet
Structure Weight: 35 tons
Power (Drive): 90 kW
Power (Lights): 70 kW
Number of Cars: 20
Ride Capacity: 40 (2 per car)
Hourly Capacity: 1,400 riders
Ride Colors: Blue, Yellow, Space theming on backdrop
Height Requirements: Riders under 46" in height may not ride.
Aggressive Thrill

Centennial Screamer is a Huss Enterprise ride brought to Lagoon in 1987 as part of the park's 100th year celebration.

Ride Description

The ride consists of 20 cars around a wheel. When you first enter the ride the wheel is in a horizontal position. Once the doors are shut and the latches checked the ride begins to rotate in a clockwise direction gaining speed until riders are held in place by centrifugal force. At this point the arm attached to the wheel begins to slowly raise to an almost vertical position (87°) sending riders upside down.

While the ride looks very repetitive and nauseating, the ride experience is very different. Most passengers find the ride very enjoyable and smooth.

One of the most interesting aspects to this ride is the lack of safety harnesses. A couple of bars on both sides helps give the feeling of being "locked in", but there are no seat belts or lap bars. Through some well designed engineering, a persons body weight and the centrifugal force in motion are almost equal creating a feeling of weightlessness while ensuring that you remain in your seat.

2008 Update

In 2008 Lagoon repainted the space backdrop adding the name of the ride to it and a spaceship. They also removed the lighted Screamer sign that used to sit on top of the backdrop.

2018 Update

Centennial Screamer is on the move. At the end of Lagoon's 2017 season, Screamer was closed and dismantled. One of Lagoon's Facebook followers asked if the ride was being removed. Lagoon responded that the ride is being moved to the north end of the park to make room for a new and larger restroom for the South end of the park.


Ride Video

Centennial Screamer Ride Mount On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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