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Location: Northern Kiddieland next to The Bat
Manufactured By: Eyerly Aircraft
Built In: Unknown
Ride Type: Classic Up & Down Kiddieride
Capacity: 8
Number of Cars: 8
Height Requirements: Riders over 54" in height may not ride.
Mild Thrill

Bulgy the Whale, often referred to as just Bulgy, is a kiddie ride located in northern Kiddieland near The Bat and Jumping Dragon.

Ride Description

Bulgy the Whale features vehicles in the shape of whales that travel in a circular motion on a track that has hills and valleys. When the ride is in operation, the whales move up and down as they travel around the track.

Ride History

Bulgy the Whale has been a part of Lagoon's Kiddieland for a long time. It is unknown when the ride debuted in the park, but pictures show the ride being in the park as far back as the late 70's. Over the years, the look of the whales has changed as has the tarp that covers the middle of the ride. Most of

Bulgy is also one of the most moved rides located at Lagoon. Bulgy used to sit roughly where Kontiki now sits, but it moved in 2004 to make room for the new ride and ended up by the Carousel Theater. Two years later, Dinosaur Drop and Ladybug Bop debuted and Lagoon rearranged Kiddieland again. Bulgy ended up where Red Rock Rally now sits. At the time, Putter Around the Park still existed at Lagoon. Lagoon had to redo the first two holes of the mini-golf course to make an area for Bulgy to sit in. 2013 brought the most recent move for Bulgy when Red Rock Rally debuted. This time, Bulgy moved over to the north side of Jumping Dragon and has sat in that spot since.

On September 8th, 2020, Lagoon experienced a fierce windstorm that knocked down a significant number of trees in the park and caused various damage throughout the park. During that windstorm, a large tree fell right on top of Bulgy destroying the ride. Lagoon discovered only two of the whale vehicles survived after removing the tree and debris from the ride enclosure. Speculation began on if Lagoon would try to rebuild the ride or just cut their losses and replace it with something else. A few weeks later, signs appeared in the small grassy areas around the parking lot that said "Save Bulgy the Whale!" The signs remained up during Frightmares hinting that Lagoon was going to do something with the ride. Lagoon started sharing pictures of one of the ride vehicles appearing in other rides during December having fun showing Bulgy doing other things around the park. These images were shared on Lagoon's Instagram and Facebook accounts. In one of the posts, Lagoon commented that Bulgy the Whale would be returning in 2021.



Bulgy the Whale by jamesv

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