Bulgy the Whale

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Location: Near entrance to Lagoon-A-Beach
Manufactured By: Eyerly Aircraft
Built In: Unknown
Ride Type: Classic Up & Down Kiddieride
Capacity: 8
Number of Cars: 8
Height Requirements: Riders over 54" in height may not ride.
Mild Thrill

Bulgy the Whale is a fun ride for kids. They get to sit in little whales and as the ride moves around in a circle, the whales go up and down. I guess it's suppose to be jumping whales or something, but as much as these whales jump, you would think they would have used a dolphin theme to the ride.

It doesn't matter though. Whether Lagoon uses dolphins or whales, kids just love the ride. I would equate it to more of a relaxing type of ride. Something that little kids will find amusing and older kids will find utterly boring. (It's true. Just watch the ride for about fifteen minutes. If you haven't found a kid who looks bored while on the ride, than you are a better person than I)

Bulgy the Whale got a new home in 2004 when Lagoon added the Kontiki and the Dragonfly to it's list of rides. Those two rides moved in and gave an eviction notice to poor Bulgy. Lagoon decided to move Bulgy over near the Carousel Theater and kept it there for just two seasons when they decided to move it again when Lagoon added the Dinosaur Drop and Ladybug Bop to Kiddieland. This time Lagoon moved Bulgy over near the entrance of Lagoon-A-Beach. When it was moved it actually took a small piece of the old mini-golf course away. They built a fence between the ride and the golf course and place large "bulgy the whale" letters on the fence. That fence remains today even though the golf course is gone.



Bulgy the Whale by jamesv

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