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Location: North Midway
Manufactured By: Unknown
Built In: 1977
Ride Type: Bumper Cars
Capacity: Up to 80 (2 per car)
Number of Cars: Up To 40
Height Requirements: You must be at least 46" tall to ride
High Thrill

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People that have never been to Lagoon and are familiar with Boomerang roller coasters may get confused when they go to Lagoon to ride it. Granted when you visit another park and hear about a ride named Boomerang it usually turns out to be a roller coaster. But not Lagoon. Why Lagoon's adult bumper car ride is called the Boomerang, is not known to me (if you know, please tell me). But it is and for those of us that have grown up with Lagoon are used to it and rarely question the name.

Boomerang sits just north of Skycoaster in the old location of the Zugspitz. Although it isn't Lagoon's original bumper car ride, it is a very popular one. And who can blame those that enjoy this ride? Most of Lagoon's guests come from Utah and if you've ever tried to navigate and drive down Utah's freeways, than the idea of driving a car around ramming others is a great way to relieve stress.

Boomerang has three different cars: Ford, Opal, and Mercedes Benz, but if you actually pay attention to the cars the only real difference is the name on the front of the grill and that they are different colors. Each car can travel forwards or backwards depending on how far you turn the steering wheel, and some riders get really skilled at using both the forward and backwards to ram as many other cars as possible.

One word of advice though. It is very tempting to want to press the cars pedal over and over again causing a clicking sound before the ride starts. If you are one of these people that like to "click the pedals" than expect the ride operator to either postpone the start of the ride or completely kick you off for doing so.


Boomerang On-ride (HD POV) by deathbyillusion

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