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This is a partial list of attractions at Lagoon.

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Lagoon is home to an assortment of Roller Coasters, Thrill Rides, Family Rides and Kiddie Rides. There are 55 rides in total at the park.

Notable Lagoon Rides

For a complete list of rides at Lagoon, see the Rides page.

Attraction Areas

Other Attractions


There a variety of carnival midway Games where prizes can be won as well as the Game Time arcade.

Live entertainment

Lagoon hosts several recurring live shows each year.


There are various gift Shops throughout the park.

Points of interest


Picnic Terraces

There are over thirty Picnic Terraces located in the rear of the park. Some of the terraces can be reserved, and some are open open to the public. Guests may bring their own food into the park, and the park offers an assortment of food stalls as well as catering options for groups.

Seasonal Attractions


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