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Schwarzkopf (Officially Schwarzkopf Industries GmbH) was a German amusement ride and roller coaster manufacturer.

Schwarzkopf Logo

Company Info

The company was founded by Anton Schwarzkopf, whose father had built trailers for the amusement industry. Anton Schwarzkopf was the primary engineer and designer of the rides built by the company. He is seen by some as the father of modern steel roller coasters. The company manufactured roller coasters from 1964 to 1995, after which time many of the company's assets were sold to German ride manufacturer Gerstlauer.

Schwarzkopf Rides at Lagoon

Fire Dragon is a 1981 "Doppel looping mit zusätzlicher Schienschleife" or "Double looping with additional trackway curve" Schwarzkopf model. It is the only one of its kind that was built, although very similar "Double Looping" models were also built.

Jet Star 2 is a 1974 "Jet Star 2" Schwarzkopf model. From 1968 to 1983 Schwarzkopf produced a series of Jet Star models. These are:

  • Jet Star
  • Jet Star 2
  • Jet Star 3 / Jumbo Jet
  • City Jet / Jet 400
  • Jumbo V

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